Our Philosophy

Have you ever bought an expensive product that promised to do all sorts of things only to be thrown out after it did not deliver? We hear that a lot! In fact, many people tell us that over the years they have spent thousands of dollars on products that were totally disappointing.  Our approach to the products in the Trillium Skincare line is quite straightforward. We will only sell products that we love and would buy and use ourselves. This means that the products must work and do the things they say, while being safe and healthy for our skin. We are so confident that you will love our products that we offer a complete 100%, no cost, return policy for the first 30 days. This means no more wasted money on unhappy skincare purchases.

 The other thing we have noticed in the skincare market is that there is no correlation between price and performance. Some of the most expensive products you will come across have dubious ingredients with questionable performance. Definitely not worth the money unless you like pretty labels and bottles! Many other lines have high prices because of the large distribution margins.  Trillium Skincare has removed many of these factors leading to products that are priced fairly, and in most cases 2 -3 times lower than competitive performing products.

 What goes into our products is fundamental to our approach. The line is based on some of the most powerful botanical ingredients found in nature.  We produce products that are as natural as possible, yet provide the clinical results being sought by savvy consumers. Our ingredients are cruelty free, non-GMO (many are certified organic) and we avoid questionable chemicals that go in many products because of their low cost.

 Whether you love Trillium Skincare or not, you will not be disappointed!