Our Story

Being able to turn something you are passionate about into a business is an absolutely rewarding experience. Over the past 15 years I have been truly fortunate to have worked with two progressive skincare companies formulating and manufacturing products for the professional skincare market. Both companies were focused on natural-based clinical lines designed to address the most common skin conditions. Many of the products I developed incorporated some incredible advanced botanical extracts that were not only safe and healthy but produced wonderful results. In most cases, the plant extracts I used were able to surpass the performance of their less friendly chemical-based alternatives.

During my skincare journey I have also learned that there is little correlation between price and performance.  In fact, some of the most expensive products in the market offer questionable benefits and can actually be detrimental to the health of your skin. How often have you purchased a product, sometimes quite expensive, only to be totally disappointed by the results? Unfortunately, the skincare industry has a tendency to over-state and under deliver. 

I established Trillium Skincare in 2019 because I wanted to offer something better, without risk of disappointment, and that will ultimately exceed the highest of expectations. Although Trillium Skincare is a new company, it is based on years of experience, millions of dollars in products sales and an understanding of what is important to people.   Many of the best of the ingredients I have worked with in the past along with a number of new highly advanced extracts have been incorporated to produce luxurious extravagant products that you are sure to fall in love with (see our ingredients blog).

By using an online sales platform, we have eliminated most of the added margins associated with middlemen and distributors. In fact, you will spend 2 -3 times less on Trillium products than the comparable high-end products available in the market. I am so confident that you will be impressed that all products come with a full money back guarantee.

 “We don’t just want you to be satisfied, we want you to be amazed!”

Reid Barnett